Indefinite Hiatus

I know, anyone who is a fan of 700 Bullets will dread reading the title of this post. However, things have happened of late that force me to put 700 Bullets to the side, temporarily. Those things are work based. I am currently involved in the production of a board game, and it is at the point where it is going to demand 16 hours a day of my time to get put out. It is my own project, I have designed it and am doing the artwork for it, and when it goes up on Kickstarter I will make sure to post about it here.

In the mean time, if you want to see more from me I will be streaming myself doing the art for this game on my Twitch channel, so if you would like to see what I am working on, stop by! Ask me questions! It can be about 700 Bullets, the game I am working on or whatever you feel like.

I will be returning to 700 Bullets at a later date, that is a definite. I am just unsure as to when that will be. Thanks to those who read and to those who supported me. I know you were not many, but you have made this fun. And just remember, 700 Bullets WILL return, right where it left off.

See you later,

-Keren “FrozenEcho” Philosphales.


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