700 Bullets

A clone soldier from the distant future finds himself in a fantasy world with Orcs, Elves and other, darker things.

4 thoughts on “700 Bullets

  1. Hey, I ran across this comic by chance (and I mean serious chance) while I was floating around online, apparently unwilling to go to sleep before 1 am. I like the concept a lot! I added it to my favourites. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. 🙂

      • Oh cool! Yay for me then. 🙂 If you’re curious, I found it on thewebcomiclist.com which is basically just a huge archive of every webcomic ever. It’s somewhere near the top of the alphabetical search but other than that that website is a mess to find anything on. I don’t recommend browsing there if you’re curious about other comics. There were some on there that still listed geocities.com as their domain.

        How long have you been working on your comic idea?

        • the idea I originally had like a year ago, but it’s only since maybe august where it started being all I could think about and made me want to start fleshing the world out and thinking of all the characters and the story seriously. And yeah, that’s one of the sites I listed my comic on lol, I don’t know exactly how I should be promoting it 😛 You have any recommendations?

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